2 Port USB 3.0 KVM Switch Dual Monitor HDMI 2.1 8K@60Hz 4K@144Hz for 2 Computers 2 Monitors CKL-922HUA-4

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      KVM SWITCH DUAL MONITOR 2 PORT: If you have 2 computers or laptops, one for personal or gaming, the other for work, this is a premium tool for you to control them using 1 set of keyboard, mouse and dual extended monitors, and share 2 more USB peripherals. Save your space and equipment spending significantly.

      8K 60HZ 4K 144HZ KVM SWITCH HDMI: Newest HDMI 2.1 technology to achieve max. Resolution of 7680*4320@30/60Hz, 5120*2880/1440@50/60Hz, 3840*2160@144hz, 3440*1440@144Hz, 3840*1080@240hz, 2560*1440@144hz, ideal for high resolution needs and gaming without delay. Note: this model does not support EDID emulation.

      USB 3.0 KVM SWITCH 2 MONITORS 2 COMPUTERS: The integrated 2 USB 3.0 HUB ports allows you to share 2 more USB peripherals like printers, webcam, flash drives and headset between 2 computers. It has 2 HDMI outputs for extended or mirrored displays on one selected computer at the same time.

      NOT MANY KVM SWITCHES HAVE 5 SWITCHING MODES: It supports multiple switching modes using keyboard hotkey, mouse roller clicks, push button and wired remote, as well as auto scan with adjustable interval between 8 - 999 seconds for testing and Surveillance purpose.

      HDMI KVM SWITCH WITH AUDIO AND MIC SUPPORT: Supports both 3.5mm stereo speaker output (green) and microphone input (pink) and HDMI digital audio through the same green audio port. Please refer to user manual for how to set the audio and change between the 2 audio options.

      WIDE COMPATIBILITY AND COMES WITH ALL CABLES NEEDED: Supports Windows, Linux, Mac and most major operation systems, plug and play without any software or driver needed. The package comes with all cables, power adapters except cables for monitors which usually comes with monitors. In most cases, adapters will be needed for computers especially laptops that do not have dual HDMI outputs.

      Solid Built Metal Housing for Durable Use and Stable Performance

      How to Get keyboard and mouse work:

      • Connect 2 video outputs from each computer to corresponding HDMI IN A and IN B port; Use reliable adapters for non-HDMI outputs;
      • Avoid using adapters for both inputs and outputs for a same video flow (IN A is for Out A, IN B is for Out B). The less adpater, the better;
      • Make sure the included power adapter is connected to the kvm switch.

      How to Get Dual Monitor Display:

      Please power off everything before installation, power on the kvm switch, then monitors, then computers in sequence after installation so the connected device can be recognized correctly.

      Reminder before Installation:

      • Make sure the included USB 3.0 cables are connected from a USB 3.0 port on each computer to corresponding USB 3.0 input ports on the kvm switch;
      • Some keyboards and mice with special features may not work well with the USB keyboard and mouse ports which are dedicated for hotkeys, if so, the workaround is to turn off the hotkeys by pressing the hotkey on/off button on front panel.

      • Plug the dongle for wireless keyboard and mouse set into the USB keyboard port (with hotkeys) or one of the USB 3.0 HUB ports (no hotkeys).

        Please be Aware before Order: Reliable Adapters Are Required in Most Cases

        Dual Monitor KVM Switch HDMI requires dual HDMI connections from each computer to the KVM Switch, however some computers especially laptops do not have dual HDMI outputs. If so, please check if your computer / laptop has another video ports like DisplayPort or USB C (VGA and DVI is not recommended as they do not support higer resolution than 1080P),

        When adapters are being used, the resolution will drop. The less adapter the better.

        Suggest to use HDMI monitor to avoid using adapters on video outputs.

        Final Resolution Depends on Graphic Cards, Monitors, Adapters, Cables and How Those Work Together with the KVM Switch.

        5 Switching Modes

        Keyboard Hotkey

        Double Click the middle roller of mouse

        Push Button on front panel.

        Wired remote switch

        Auto Scan with adjustable interval time between 8-999 seconds

              3 Display Modes

              Extended Display

              Mirrored Display

              Spliced Display

                Universal Compatibility

                Cross support most major OS including Windows, Linux, Mac and more.

                What's in the box

                  1* 2 Port Dual Monitor HDMI KVM switch

                  1* USB to DC Power Cable

                  1* User manual in English

                  1* Mini USB Cable+Wired Remoter

                  4* HDMI Cables (4.92ft)

                  2* USB3.0 Cables (4.92ft)

                  Note: The HDMI cables for monitors are not included!

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